Rachel Clugston


Loyal Lead Ed Gomez
Red Lead Adam Makary
Kill A Rabbit Lead Yanhua Gao (Emma)
The Sisters Summon 1,2&3 Lead Anthony Bergeron
Ant-Lion Lead Chris Mammarelli
Dead Man Walking Lead Michael Doppel
Dilemma Lead Frank Renteria
Emotional Treatment Lead Victor O.
Roommates Lead Jesus Rodriguez
The Real Boy Principal Bruno Mitto
Grounds Keeper Principal Brett Walker/ Mico Montes
The Wifi Principal Lei Hong
Entrapment Principal Matthew Sprott
I’m a Super Hero? Principal Coiln Clark
Dirty Little Secret Supporting Evan Avtal
Who Am I Supporting Sasha Zaho
Toxic Tutu Supporting Joe Nardelli


The Last Tycoon Day Player Amazon
Kama Sutra Club Principal Syndication
West World Day Player HBO
Season Zero Lead Syndication
Pretty Little Liars Body Double ABC
NCIS Body Double CBS
Hand Of God Day Player Amazon
Dr. Del Day Player Syndication

Training & Workshops

The Second City Musical Improv Sam Johnides
The Second City Drop in Class Kevin McGeehan
Acting Up Network Commercial Chris Game
Active Actors Theatrical Jay Alan Christianson
HISYC Commercial Mike Pointer
UCB Improv Jam